Talk to me …

The body is a funny thing.

The mind is a powerful thing.

Timing is everything!! *chuckle*

Last night all three of those things were way off for me. To make things worse, Sir was not communicating ….

We are finally adding a few moments of play into our lives again and it’s like learning all over again! It’s frustrating of course, you go into it remembering how easily things flowed before and how it felt almost effortless.

Now it seems nothing works … body changes over time of course but mostly I think it’s mindfulness. When we play(ed) I controlled my mind and focused on where and what He was doing. It was a whole new level of connection and commitment. The rest of the world melted away and only us and sensations were left.

Now, I feel the fan blowing, I hear the dogs shuffling around, I wonder where He’s going next, what muscles groups do I focus on, what needs to be relaxed …. how should I best hold my body??

Talk to me, Sir … this is just how I work.

Without it I’m lost, confused and in the end, frustrated. It adds tension and makes everything wrong.

Communication skills. It appears we are going to have to relearn how to just ‘be’.

Of course everything still needs to be done quietly.

We can’t start off where we left off. Just like any other play, we need to start with a warm up!

Practice time Sir!?!?! 😉 I’m game ….

Comments welcome! :D

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