I’ve got a new day collar! :)

Well I’ve had it for a little while now and have started to wear it from time to time to break it in, the leather is always a bit stiff at first and softens up with time and body heat so it gets more and more comfortable all the time.

This isn’t to replace my night-time leather, this is just for day time. It’s special because it’s for my time off this summer. I had asked for something more, something to signify the difference between trying to be ‘His’ and work and take care of business and this new adventure where I can concentrate on the quiet of submission more often and for longer periods of time.

Life will still go on of course and I will still have all my ‘hats’ at the ready. I’m just looking forward to having to make less decisions in my day and enjoying the ride as they say! *wink* The new collar is a great way to do that, it’s a bit more obvious than the things I wear when I work and so far hasn’t triggered anyone at home!

We’ve started introducing it here and there over the past few weeks and nothing has happened to lead me to believe it’s going to be an issue so ….. *grin* I’m getting excited!

(Just FYI my permanent adornments are my cuffs, we chose that as our symbol of commitment and focus. Those do not get changed or removed.)

I needed something so I asked. He thought about it and decided He liked the idea too. I dare say He quite likes seeing something more substantial around my neck if I’m not mistaken! *wink wink*

I also like that it finally allows me to get back to a style I enjoy but had to shy away from because it was just too similar to what all the BDSMers were doing. When the whole FSoG craze came out and everyone started wearing cuffs and collars and the like! Sir didn’t feel like dealing with the hype and the ‘knowing’ looks from people who really didn’t know anything! LoL Oh well, He doesn’t seem to care now so I can do as I like! šŸ˜€


It’s not the only style I wear, don’t get me wrong. Just like all the rest of life I have many talents and wear many styles … why pick just one??? *wink* It depends on my mood, and some days this is it.

So one more week of work and I get the summer off. It’s been 16 years that I’ve been working up to this and I am starting to get excited. A bit nervous because I’m not really the sitting around type but we’ll take what comes!

My body needs fixing and my mind needs rest. So it shall be done … šŸ˜€

Happy Monday!

Love You Always, Sir! ā¤


11 thoughts on “I’ve got a new day collar! :)

  1. Gotta love free time. Maybe you could rotate the shingles and wax the gutters. I mean really, I’m sure he doesn’t want you sitting with nothing to do….

    Kidding of course but I do hope you get to rest and recuperate. Actually sitting and simply being wouldn’t hurt a bit. (Yes, yes, I know that’s hypocrisy but I’m trying.)

    Enjoy the day ma’am.


    1. I do love your ironic nature my friend! *chuckle*

      We were out doing some yard work this weekend and I stood up, said I needed a break and took it easy for a short bit to recuperate. Not long, but I’m learning!

      The Bear telling me He was proud of me for stopping helped too! *wink*

      Hope you take some of your own advice my friend and enjoy your day as well! šŸ˜€


      1. I was/am scheduled to start researching a problem for someone at 1115. Finished what I was doing earlier and (thinking on my commentary for you) decided to sit for 45 minutes. Felt nice. Now to start making calls.

        Enjoy the day ma’am.


  2. Ah ha…new leather! Gotta have something to celebrate. I always have a soft spot for anything either leather or something that signifies to the outside (kinky) world that someone belongs to someone else! Congratulations on the upgrade!

    Definitely good to have new gear to break in, and be able to ‘show off’ in different iterations, FSoG be damned (Don’t laugh, I actually had to look up what the acronym meant, it’s not in my normal reading material!)

    Over the years I’ve acquired many collars, cuffs, restraints, many made of leather, steel and even a few of iron (!) but the metal ones don’t get broken in much. Too, the heavier duty leather ones (institutional grade) don’t get broken in much either, they’re designed to take a lot of punishment and do they ever! But keep working at it, and over time your natural oils are going to have an effect on the leather, it after all is hide, as is the skin on your body. So they’re going to work well together. Just try to stay out of the shower with it!

    All the best, and enjoy your summer! For those of us working stiffs that still have to toil in it…envy!

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    1. Thank you, Leathers! I’m looking forward to showing it off a bit too! šŸ˜€

      I love the feel of my metal collar but it’s much too big and not at all user friendly for day in and day out wear. More of a showy piece than practical. And NO they don’t get worn in like leather does. LoL

      Thanks for the well wishes, I’m starting to look forward to it, … I think!

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