Once upon a time …

Early in my travels online (this time around, I did ‘online’ before a home pc was a normal thing) and with D/s-type sites, I ran into the ‘rules and regulations’ of being in a ‘real’ D/s relationship ….

I hope you all see a whole lot of wrong with that statement, anyway …

A couple of things struck me as both funny and ridiculous. One, in order to be D/s you must watch porn …. Hummm, anyway. Point two, if you have a ‘real’ D/s relationship, you WILL eventually reach the point when/where you will add a third to your relationship.

Well, they did provide some interesting entertainment for a while, but needless to say I had my fill and moved on. Apparently I don’t have a ‘real’ D/s relationship! Look at me, I’m SOOO worried about it …. LOL

When the internet wasn’t a ‘thing’ we learned the difference between a real newspaper with real and researched information and the fake and for profit and shock value fairy tales. (No, I’m not saying the papers always had it right.)

Just because someone posted it on the internet and the site looks pretty and professional DOESN’T mean its good information.

Please use your own mind and common sense ….

This applies to any topic!

Happy Hump Day! *wink*


7 thoughts on “Once upon a time …

  1. I always get a giggle out of the people who claim there’s OneTwuWay. It’s good to have guidelines for a basis of understanding, but there’s plenty of room for constructing a relationship the way it suits the parties involved. And that’s D/s, non-D/s, work relationships, etc.

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  2. I do wonder if all the rules Sir and I break will result in our arrest lady. If they ever do come…..we have our own handcuffs.πŸ˜‚

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