Question ….?

Is anyone having trouble getting to this site? Is it being picked up as ‘harmful’ by chance? Or is that just me?

I’m having a feeling that might be why/how my comments were silenced last time ….

Please let me know. I don’t want to contact WP or Askimet without all the facts!

Thank You!!! πŸ˜€

21 thoughts on “Question ….?

    1. Okay, thank you. Let me know if that cahnges. When I go to my stats the virus scaner picks it up as harmful …. it started this way last time and I ignored it thinking it was just time to clear my PC and well we know what happened after that. Just curious if they were in fact related.

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  1. Some idiot/group of idiots designed something called ASKIMET which is highly praised and suggested by WordPress . The function of this abysmal crap is that it’s supposed to stop spam. However eventually it winds up flagging everything anyone tries to post, on the websites that use askimet , as spam. This is happening on thousands of sites that use it, and destroys a website. When askimet was confronted, the usual “lets dodge the question and bring up aspects that have no relevance to askimet flagging everything as spam. Askimet will start saying it’s comment with links or other such crap as wait a min and try again. But that doesn’t apply to 99% of the legitimate posts. The posts that askimet is flagging as spam do not contain any elements Askimet help desk tries to use as an excuse as the reason it’s marking it as spam. I personally have asked for help for specific things (No links no swears no anything) just a straight up Can someone please help me. and Askimet has flagged this as spam. While askimet support claims askimet does not have a blacklist it checks against things like user name, email, even IP and DNS. They lie there is a blacklist askimet checks. once you’ve been put on the blacklist on that specific website, you’re screwed


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