My ‘D/s’

I’m tired of labels and explaining and worrying about if I am/or He is understood.

I don’t care what others think or say, I never have.

I came from a dark place and one day I found the Bear …. after much back and forth we found ourselves here. Does it have a name? No Clue, don’t care …..

All I know is that this is what I have, pretty sure some of you do too.

Enjoy what you have, forget the rest! *wink*

4 thoughts on “My ‘D/s’

  1. I dislike labels too and I only use them in my blog because sometimes it is hard to talk about a certain subjects without using them. However in our life S. and I never used them and it makes life so much easier. Thanks for talking about this as I think it is important to tell everyone

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    1. Thanks, Kitten! I only use them here to make conversation easier as well, although sometimes it just complicates things! Go figure! LoL
      All we can do is try I suppose, hopefully the message reaches far enough that it starts to help make a change where needed. 😉


  2. Labels are good because then I can google them and try to figure myself out. Right now I am thinking that I am an ADHD, HSP ENFP-a woman who is sexually a submissive-baby-girl-middle-maschochist . And that is how I will introduce myself from now on in every conversation ever (kidding.). And I’ll probably find another label that fits good tomorrow but I’ll just add that in. 😂😂😂

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