Less D/s? Depends on your definition.

My point of view here based on my definition of ‘D/s’ ….

Yesterday Sir put the kinky parts of our day on hold. Yesterday there were no orders or play, no kink. Yesterday I didn’t even cook supper, Sir went out and got something ….

There were the few basics like bedtime and wearing my cuffs and choker but nothing else …

Does this mean that yesterday was all vanilla and no D/s?

My definition says no ….

Yesterday He was still He and I was still me. Yesterday I still counted on Him and told the truth and He took care of me. Yesterday, as far as I’m concerned we were still very much in our dynamic, we just simply weren’t kinky.

Maybe that’s why we never feel that our dynamic is off. Our kink might be in low gear at times but we are still we.

If you’d like to know why you can find it here. Nothing kinky, just life. 


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