Rules … what are they exactly?

After a short back and forth yesterday I thought it might be wise to write out the rules, or some, in case there are some of you who do pay attention and wonder how I went from ‘no rules’ to talking about new rules!! LoL

The post about no rules covered mostly kink and sex type rules, basically anything that was mostly D/s inspired. It was a kinky ‘reset’. Rules about respect (not that we require a rule on that) and basic house hold duties didn’t change but then I never needed rules to tell me to clean the house or cook dinner etc. I cook probably 9 nights out of 10(when I’m able which is almost always), I enjoy it. The Bear always has home-made something to take to work for lunch, etc.

There is a rule on chores but the rule is I’m not allowed to over do it! I have to stop when my body says it’s had enough and trouble comes if I end up ‘down and out’ because I did too much, not the other way around. That ‘rule’ didn’t go anywhere either! This applies to yard work, going out shopping or simply going for a dog walk. If I can’t or shouldn’t I have to say so otherwise …. well you get the idea!

The rule about plugs I wrote out here, although due to a mishap I have had a bit of a reprieve from that …. anywho.Β  That was one that was reinstated.

Rules that didn’t take a hiatus:

  • Wear my cuffs and something around my neck (usually a choker during work, sometimes just a necklace) daily
  • kneel at bed time for ritual and sleep collar
  • if my hands or feet are cold I am to warm them up on the Bear, no excuses
  • naked in bed unless I ask to wear pjs or socks etc.

(It’s a rule but ever since I no longer needed to be up in the middle of the night for the kids I never wore pjs anyway, never have. I used to start off in them 10-15 min. because of my raynaud’s and take them off when I got warmed up but now the Bear warms me up! *giggle*)

Rules that were pretty much instantly reinstated:

  • Sir opens all doors when we are together
  • no panties when not working
  • I only refer to Him as Sir, Bear or Mr. ____ On rare occasions when it would cause a problem I may use His given name
  • the kitchen/dishes need to be clean and tidy before He gets home from work (This is one I had asked for because I found myself making excuses! and I hated the outcome, a messy kitchen!)

Rules that came back over time:

  • The plug rule but Sir is the one to say so, it’s not an instant thing for me to do without direction
  • I need to ask permission to orgasm (It became a rule again over time but I never got out of the habit of asking anyway so …. )
  • I need to ask to ‘play’ (this decision He dragged on for ‘ever’! LoL I think that was His way of teasing, He knew I wouldn’t unless I had an actual answer from Him anyway. Evil!)

Everything else, at the moment, is up in the air so I am free to touch and tease and ask for whatever I want and of course He gets to decide if He’s going to go along and allow it or not. I will often walk by and smack Him on the backside! *wink* There is NO RULE … but for some reason He always gets to ‘reprimand’ that one. *raspberries*

Oh yeah, and *raspberries*, if He feels they come with attitude THAT one gets a reaction as well! LoL Oh well, such is life I guess.

Basically we’re much more playful, I used to put myself in such a state of following that I did nothing without permission and nothing that was even remotely ‘out of line’. Now I play and tease and ‘poke the Bear’ as they say … sometimes He laughs and sometimes He grabs me and spanks my little back side good! Usually both! So win, win I’d say!! *giggle*

It also makes things more obvious, if I kneel for Him He sees it, if I haven’t yet and He wants me to He has to order it, so He sees that too … It’s just more obvious when it’s not on ‘auto pilot’!

Oh yeah, a new rule, I can’t have any drinks near my lap top. Earlier this week I dropped and entire glass of wine on my PC! Yikes, that was not a thing I wanted to have to tell Him! Hence the new rule. In case you’re wondering, no I hadn’t even had a drink yet. My body has decided to not cooperate once in a while and my wrist and arms don’t move like I’d like them to. I accidentally knocked it over when I was reaching for something else. Life!

So will the ‘new’ one about bare bottoms stick, will it simply be something He orders from time to time? I don’t know, but it was a bit of fun and produced a big grin from the Bear!! *giggle*

Happy Friday Folks! Hope I’ve cleared some stuff up!

11 thoughts on “Rules … what are they exactly?

    1. Thank you, happy! *grin* Mind if I call you that? Hope not.
      We wanted a nice balance between ritual and real life, something that can be maintained no matter how hectic life gets. When things slow down the Bear adds more and when it doesn’t well, we still have a balanced connection. πŸ˜€

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      1. No that’s what people usually call me on here πŸ˜‰
        Yeah it does sound like that. Well accomplish I’d say!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Miriam! Life’s to short to be miserable in my opinion, we do what we can to keep it fun! πŸ˜‰
      That was really the only rule I ever had to struggle with truthfully but I have learned to respect my body as He does, lose some of my stubborn! LoL

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