I’m not sure what’s going on but it appears that I can’t leave comments on anyone’s site but my own.

Anyone else having that issue??

I suppose if you are you won’t be able to comment here either! LoL

It says it’s there when I enter, but when I go back it has disappeared!

You can email me 73nijntje@gmail.com


28 thoughts on “Wierdness

  1. Hmm…yes things are not stable. I receive some comments then not others. Have not noticed my comments disappearing though lady.

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    1. Yeah, I can’t comment on anyone’s but mine. If I try through the actual web site instead of the reader it tells me ‘I already made that comment’! LoL so it still refuses to post … weirdness!
      At least everyone knows I’m not ignoring them! 😉


  2. I should clarify. Sir commented to me, told me he did but I did not see it until later. I commented back after I had seen it…..I could see my comment but he could not. Bloody hell….

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  3. Working for me but then again it normally doesn’t. Maybe it’s “Backwards Day” for good’ol’WP.

    Did you try refreshing site? Have to manually do that every time I want to read or see comments.


    1. yeah I tried that, it started last night. Everything has been shut down over night and I tried again this morning … still nothing!
      I’ve tried commenting through the dashboard, the notification section, the post in the reader, ‘conversations’, and the person’s actual site … nothing goes through! I even tried a different computer!


      1. I’m doing pretty good, thanks! 😀 I have most of the day to myself, the Bear has thought up some Evilness, looks like I’ll be busy anyway … LoL
        Enjoy your day my friend!


  4. Lily says she’s not seeing your comments but I do. Wonder why? She even went to your post and it’s not coming up. Really weird!

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  5. I see 8 comments at the top but only 5 comments. Two mine, two yours Suzanne and first one of nijinte’s. Is it me that is the problem?? Sigh…

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  6. Not really sure what all is going on. On my dashboard there are multiple MySQL errors referencing databases on my site, so that might have something to do with it. Or WP is being wonky. As we both know, that’s never an easy fix!

    Definitely weird!

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    1. Yeah, I just tried to leave you a comment about your situation yesterday …. obviously that didn’t go through either!

      Anyway, sorry you guys had to deal with an A-hole! It seems some people will never learn! UGH

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      1. Appreciate that you at least tried! Perhaps when WP gets it’s collective head out of its derriere, all the messages will come in a flood. When I was on LiveJournal, that would happen occasionally. So they’re probably all in a hopper somewhere, waiting to go through when the electronic bunghole is clear.


      2. I may have puzzled it out a little. On my site, I use Akismet, and it recently updated. Your comments were classified as SPAM (never happened before) and they were put in a queue to be reviewed. I didn’t notice it until just now. They were all right there, and I approved them. So they should be up on the site. If you’re using the same plug-in, you might want to check it out, along with anyone else that’s having the same issue.

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      3. That could be, I know I check for that every so often but it is possible all my comments are being marked as spam, that’s up to others to find I guess. I get all the comments coming to me …. oye! LoL

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