A re-blog for mental health awareness month

This message is much too important not to spread, it touches everyone in all walks of life regardless of dynamic. this one just so happens to be D/s related and related to my last post.

This wonderful soul says I inspired her but if you ask me, THIS is the truly inspiring piece! I’m not in the habit of telling people how to do this ‘right’, everyone has their version but this aspect I think should be universal, it should be considered ‘right’.

No partner should be made responsible for the mental health of another, and no one should be taken advantage of due to mental health reasons either. Your partner is there to help and support but they should never be the one in charge of ‘fixing’ it.

Please read, you will not be disappointed! 😀

This is a subject I feel passionately about as it has been a part of my journey. I read a post by nijntje from nijntje & The Bear about mental illness called Give me wings to fly. and it prompted me to write this. I want to also say that I am not a professional […]

via Mental Illness and the Lifestyle — Sir and kittens Pleasure Place

5 thoughts on “A re-blog for mental health awareness month

  1. This lady’s journey is very inspiring. I wish more girls selected as subs could read her blog. Information out there is grandly misleading. Everything that I know submission to be now is foreign elsewhere. Medications are important regardless of lifestyle and mental health issues should only be dealt with a professional not a Dom or bdsm. Sooo sad!!

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    1. This my friend is why I continue to write.

      It has been quite some time now that this blog has not been for me or my Sir, it’s for all those who don’t know.

      Comments and support from people like you is what keeps it going, so thank you! 😀

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  2. SIR,
    A note on Depression ( kitten )!
    The member of kitten, depression and want to win SIR as support, then they should SIR you help what to my disadvantage is. As a competitor, I am slave outside, and wish you much success with her partner!
    Happy for you SIR!


  3. I am realizing me brain is firing in less than full capacity but I do not understand this comment here. Lmao!! Pray forgive me for laughing but I cannot help it. Is he looking to be your Sir’s slave or kitten’s?? May be I need to go to the wall licking section.😂


    1. LoL I think the wall can wait a bit, Lily!
      I believe he is interested in the Bear, although he knows nothing about the Bear which to me speaks volumes of how many go about this ‘lifestyle’, but that’s a rant in and of itself.
      My guess would be that I am ‘just’ the sub here so until the Bear says otherwise he is free to keep trying …. sooo glad I never got mixed up in that type of mess!
      I’m going to suggest the Bear comment directly, I hope that will do the trick. 😀

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