Holiday Monday

Happy Victoria Day everyone!

We slept in this morning, that rarely happens …. enjoyed some coffee and then a nice sit down for brunch!

brunchI’m not sure what else is on the agenda today. There are a couple of things to finish up in the yard, might get to that.

It’s a nice day out, maybe a dog walk before the rain …. maybe just laze around and enjoy each others company. *grin*

Not much different from anyone else I suppose. The only real difference is that I wear my cuffs and collar and He knows He’s the man of the house …. we said so, out loud. LoL

I used to be responsible for everything, now I don’t have to be, now I have someone who helps carry the load.

The rest is just sex and kink, it comes and goes depending on time and opportunity.  It’s not the main thing. Knowing that He’s got my back, that’s the main thing.

Happy Monday! ❤

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