The reality, well MY reality … *wink*

I’m feeling a lot better today even though the rain and clouds are still threatening …. did a bunch of yard work yesterday, it’s really looking great and I’m hoping we have very little to do the rest of the season. All the work last year and an early start this year are looking like they might pay off! Yippee! *grin*

I got up early this morning and the Bear wasn’t far behind. I think He likes watching me feel around in the semi-dark room, trying to find something to wear or put on for if and when the boys get up. If it’s nice enough I have no problem running around naked, I’ve often said I’d make a great nudist!! LoL I just don’t want to be a round other people, but that’s a different site! *grin*

Anyway, this morning as He was rubbing my shoulders and, um, … other parts, and it was still early enough, I suggested that now might be a good time for some impact play. Just a short session before we had to wake the youngest for his medication. I know, I know … he’s the Dom so He’s supposed to think of everything right? Yah, no ….

So he thought that was a great idea and we started making preparations. The short rub down had already started to get me into the mindset anyway so the timing was perfect! Except … where?? Normally we run downstairs for privacy and noise control but I have had a few sick charges this week and the room(s) still need to be wiped and sanitized. Neither of us wanted to catch something so we chose not to go there. The garage? Normally that’s a yes but with the rain and damp the garage feels awful to me and doing anything out there on these days makes my body ache more instead of helping with the pain relief.

So here we are pacing back and forth trying to figure out just WHERE can we play that won’t wake the boys and won’t be a problem otherwise …. You don’t read that in the fantasy books and erotic sites, do you!?! LoL

We finally decided that the back porch was the place. It’s open to the back yard but mine is so secluded with trees and shrubs and whatnot that seeing in is not a huge issue, even if I do have 6 yards that back onto mine! If someone wants to see they really need to try hard, if that’s the case than …. enjoy!?!? *wink*It adds a bit of thrill to the day as well!! *giggle*

So after a fairly short but very effective session we came back in for breakfast, well His breakfast. On the weekend if we can manage it without kids up and about we have a certain ritual for breakfast. I make it for the Bear first and we do …. stuff, I’m not going into detail. Sorry.

Let’s just say that today He surprised me by doing something different, today He wanted to just put me on display for Himself ….

He essentially had me tied up in my own clothes by the end of it all. ‘Eyes closed’ were the only real orders or words, the rest was sitting, relaxing, clearing the mind …. eventually simply feeling the touch of His hands and the heat from His breath.

These are the only real times my mind goes quiet, my shoulders relax and my body heals ….

There was no sex involved, it’s not always about that. This is connecting on a completely different level. As a result I can walk and move my neck despite the rain and damp. I feel really good and my mind is clear.

I’ve been able to do my stretches and exercises for the day, which I might not have been able to otherwise, and the migraine I had coming on seems to be completely gone!

I started something by making a suggestion. He finished it quite nicely … for now. We both feel much better. The Bear is not grumpy and I’m not feeling like I got hit by a Mack truck!

Not exactly story book, but it’s our version of a fairy tale …… much better if you ask me!

Now I’m writing it here not only to give you all a sneak peak but also to let Him know just how much I enjoyed and appreciated this morning ….

A very nice and effective change, please do continue! Thank You, Sir! ❤

Happy Saturday All!

Love You Always, Sir! ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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