Making Soup – A re-blog today from the ‘beginning’, I’m gardening!!

There is something incredibly relaxing and mind calming about making soup for me, or any down home type cooking! Maybe it’s reminiscent of the old movies and the mom in the kitchen while the kids play in the yard. Maybe it’s just because the actions of chopping and peeling and prepping just leave no room for the nastiness of the world to creep in.

Whatever it is that makes my mind calm and relaxed it is really quite the change for me. Well, a change from when I was young, I’ve been finding peace in the kitchen for quite some time now. When I was younger I was so hung up on not being the housewife that I truly couldn’t bring myself to even step foot in the kitchen without having to turn my nose up at something or wear a frown. The idea I was getting from my parent(s) that being a female meant I wasn’t able to care for myself and then secondly that that was my ‘place’ to be cooking and cleaning etc. It was almost like the boys had better things to do but that was where a female was to find their destiny … blah blah blah

It was a shame really, because I really do enjoy cooking and baking and I am quite good (if I do say so myself)! lol It took a lot of self exploration and self acceptance to be comfortable with the fact that yes I am female and yes I DO like to cook darn it! It doesn’t make me any less capable everywhere else and it also doesn’t mean that I am giving in … for me anyway it actually means that I am rebelling! Rebelling against the idea that I had to rebel against being in the kitchen. Wow, what a trip …. So now I do what I want to do, even if that is making soup!

None of this I could have accomplished without the loving support and backup I get from my Sir, long before he was known as Sir! So if I want to kneel for him, or bring Him his slippers or make His coffee then I will! And if I want to be corrected by Him when I am not being all that I can be and all that I want to be, then I can! It doesn’t make me any less ‘liberated’, it actually makes me more! 😀

Love Always my wonderful Sir ❤


16 thoughts on “Making Soup – A re-blog today from the ‘beginning’, I’m gardening!!

    1. Oh yes please! I just got the first cuttings of rhubarb from my garden, not sure if I’ll make calzones or creole chicken w/rhubarb & onions! Yummy!
      Have to see what the Bear’s in the mood for first! 😀

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      1. LoL Please do, door is open! Looks like the Bear can’t decide so we are going to steal some rhubarb from His mom’s and make both!!! LoL
        Hope you like puppies!!! LoL *wink* We have two.


      2. Sweet! Only two for me, but they are a BIG two …. LoL Bear says no more …. not yet anyway!! *smirk*
        Mind you the Rotti thinks she’s a lap dog … 🙂 LoL


      3. Haha awww I love rotties. Big old mush bushels.

        I’ve got a weird bunch. Two smalls one big mutt. Love em all to death

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      4. Yes, rotties are clowns through and through! She’s my girl, by my side no matter what. I think she has taught many that looks are not all there is to a thing … *wink*
        I’m sure she’d love you all! LoL and the rhubarb won’t wait forever! just saying …. although it might be a bit of a trek! *wink*


      5. Hey I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. I was enjoying our conversations and then you were gone, hope all is okay.
        I don’t know what the proper protocols are or if there are any, I’m just checking in on a friend. Hope that’s okay. Hope you’re okay!


      6. I am well.

        I have taken a break from wordpress for a while to deal with more pressing matters. All is very well!

        I plan to get back to things slowly in time. For the moment, I have focused my energy into my current dynamic’s growth, pledge process, and leisurely endeavors.

        I would make a post about how to reach me elsewhere, but leery as there’s no way of privatizing that information through here.

        However, if you have secondlife you can find me there under the username SiriusXx

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      7. Oh I’m glad to hear it! *smiles*

        I don’t have any other sort of social media I’m afraid! LoL I was in the internet industry before a home PC was a thing, been there done that I guess you can say! *chuckle*

        This ‘one’ is enough for me, anything else is simply friends on email. I know, I know, Luddite!!

        Maybe I will check out this ‘secondlife’ …. *giggle*


      8. Haha I understand that.

        Secondlife is fun but can be expensive.

        I recommend downloading firestorm client to go with it for the best results.

        Great bdsm community on there. So I’m a happy feller. 🙂


      9. oooh – rhubarb – have you ever had a Rhubarb Fool – it is truly one of my most favourite things in the world –

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      10. I have not miss agatha, but I would be oh so grateful if you wish to share????

        It has been a very long while my dear … I am so very happy to see you back! 😀


    1. Squash and green apple, very delicious indeed! Simple elegance I would say, warm and hearty! *wink*

      And thank you very much Ma’am! It was in the beginning but it was a long trip to get to that point. One must not forget where one came from …. it helps to appreciate where one is! 😀


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