Never happened, such is life!

I was really hoping for just the smallest amount of play the other night. Just a bit of flogger action would be great but just as many a great plan ….. it never happened.

The kids are each doing their own thing and each in need of assistance from time to time. The oldest is not often home lately and not often talkative. Of course these past few days he has been.

We’ve talked and talked and joked and so on and so on …. the youngest needed some guidance for school so we have been doing that as well.

The result is no free *alone* time and then no play.

The weather over the weekend was awful and now the heat is coming on ….. physically I’m ‘done’. Today it seems I’m suffering from ‘whiplash’ I can hardly move my neck …. no, I haven’t been in any sort of accident.

I don’t get irritated or upset that we can’t always play when I want/need to, but I can most certainly feel it’s absence.


See, I got the flowers ….. my body still aches though!

Hopefully this weekend will provide a bit of respite, tomorrow evening I’m away and then it will be Friday! Yays! LoL

Love You Always, Sir! ❤

33 thoughts on “Never happened, such is life!

  1. I also feel it’s absence nijntje. We have not had any time for us lately. Like you’ve said ,this too will pass. Lol. Hopefully the boys continue with a forward motion. Just know I am with you ,and we will both get what we need.

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  2. Hmmm…., had a thought.

    Know how no one ever takes time out of their busy life to go visit old people anymore? Maybe (if you just wait a bit) the two of you can get the end room on a long hall in a retirement home. After The Price is Right, a round of bingo and supper at 4 you’ll have the entire evening alone. Heck, most “neighbors” will be hard of hearing anyway so….

    Just hold on another 20 or 30 years and you’ll be all set!

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      1. A..A..A…, remember, cross border care isn’t covered. Catch me if you can!

        (Who am I kidding? Given these knees my money would be on you!)


      2. Smh…omg!!😂😂 Methinks you better start running Sir. I think I see a rabbit chasing you. I think she still has her teeth too!! Lol!!

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      3. Thank you ever so much for giving me the best laughs!! May be she will strip said diaper off whilst on scooter. Oh the visual…..😂

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      4. Nah, that sounds too awkward. I was thinking more along the lines of getting up and leaning over on the three legged walker to balance herself.

        (Ya’ gotta pity the Bear as this post continues to devolve. The mental imagery will ruin his sleep for the rest of May.)

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