Dear Bear …

I could really use some assistance today Sir!

My upper back and shoulders could use your skill in flogging! *wink*

woman holding a whip


Or, you know, whatever your preference, of course Sir …

Perhaps a bit of brushing up on your skills before we get something new???

What do you think EMS!?!?

Please ….. *grin*

Love You Always, Sir! ❤

9 thoughts on “Dear Bear …

      1. Considering your ailment, that makes perfect sense. And you’re certainly not the first to describe the attentions of a flogging to be akin to a massage. So really, not that weird at all! Well, to a fellow kink minded person.

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      2. Are you saying I’m just like everyone else?? For shame! LoL

        Seriously though, the thing I find odd is that I can’t sit still for a massage but bring out a flogger and I’ll stay for hours.

        One feels awesome, the other horrid! Go figure … !

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    1. Well they certainly do wonders for the mind, heart and soul of a girl, but they do nothing for the muscle pain and tension I’m afraid.

      The endorphins released during play provide both pain relief for the time being and relax the muscles to help release tension and stop the cycle of pain from starting again. At least for a little while.

      I know for a lot of people BDSM is sexual, for me it’s either some play, constant pain (not the fun kind) or pain pills.


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