Personal Post – I feel like

For the first time in a long time I feel like my blogging publicly holds a purpose.

I admit I have gone back and forth a few times on what to do with this sucker, I haven’t been sure if it was worth keeping and writing on, not for myself but as a public site.

I don’t, or didn’t get many comments or much feed back and you start to feel like you are wasting other’s time. I’m not one for wasting and not one for glory searching either …

I was hoping to be of service, to help, in any small way I could. To make a difference, that was one of the reasons for doing this. For a while I felt like I wasn’t.

I’m not sure why I don’t get much feed back, I seem to have enough people looking and watching.

I guess what I wanted to say is, to all those who have been looking and talking and reaching out … Thank YOU! You have made me feel like perhaps this thing is making a difference, maybe this thing is useful after all.

You have given me a sense of purpose outside of myself. I appreciate that. I appreciate you!


24 thoughts on “Personal Post – I feel like

      1. Now I’m blushing! It’s funny though, I blog for Sir (as it was a task he set for me) and I blog for me. I love the comments when I get them, but the personal reflection helps. I think it feeds he exhibitionist in me just enough to keep me out of trouble.

        Have faith in yourself and your blog. You add great value to my reader (and therefore other people’s too)

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  1. Thank you my friend. I learn something all the time. Your blogs have also eased a situation that we were in. Lastly I have a friend. Everyone here can learn from each other. Btw, happy mom’s day. You make not like occasions but you’re a mom and it’s hard work.πŸ˜€

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    1. LoL Yes ma’am, it is hard work! But worth the effort. πŸ˜€
      I’ve learned from you as well, a friend, you can’t have too many of them! Hard to find but also worth the effort!
      I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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  2. Please keep writing, your blogs are always brilliant and you inspire, amuse, advice and help me, and I’d hope many others feel the same.
    I’m not great at commenting but I always press the like star.
    Remember when you blog your writing helps you and others, so please continue.
    Anyway, your my plug advisor, lol,😁🀣 I know I will still need your help to get me to wear them all day.🀣
    Big hugs xxxxxxx

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    1. “Plug adviser’ something new to put on my business card!! Hahaha
      I love it! Thank you, Dayliacatt! And thank you, and all you others, for keeping me inspired to blog!


  3. Blogs are odd ducks. I had one for many years over on LiveJournal. During it’s heyday (It was active between 1999 and 2013) I had a good amount of traffic, but for the most part it was a closed system, because LJ didn’t allow (for the most part) search engines to index it’s members’ blogs.

    Too, it didn’t get a lot of interest. I remember a few years back there was a message on a community board that had people ‘evaluating’ blogs, letting the authors know what ‘qualified, outside’ people thought of their writings and musings. Figuring ‘oh, what the heck’ I posted the content of mine and got back this little gem “Author’s blog is rather personal and boring, the stuff he writes about would make good fodder for curing insomnia.” That always stuck with me, because I don’t always write about exciting things, I write about me and my life. For the most part it’s for me. If someone else finds a nugget of wisdom in it, then all well and good. IF they find something they wish to comment about, again…all well and good. But in the end, I’m really writing for an audience of two. Me, and My girl. That’s how it was started, and that’s how it will really remain. Others are coming along for the ride, but they’re not really the focus of my energies.

    Feedback seems to come and go. Some people comment incessantly, others read, think about what they’ve read and don’t make much note of it. But probably for all of those that DO comment, there’s a lot of wisdom that is being taken away from your blog (at least it is for me at times, which is why I still read, that and you’re an interesting bunny!) and not necessarily made mention of. You get a fair amount of likes on your entries. Not everyone has something to say, and that’s really ok.

    Your life is your life. Sharing it with the rest of the world is a service. You don’t have to do it, you choose to. I’m pleased to have made your acquaintance (and by extention, the rest of your brood). Keep up the good work. I feel that something would be missing if you just stopped.

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    1. Thank you kindly my friend! I think knowing that it’s well received helps me to fulfill my need to do/be part of something bigger than myself. I’m certainly getting that feedback today! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  4. Your blogs are informative and thoughtful. Common sense is sadly lacking. You bring that to the forefront. Happy Mum’s Day lady!!

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    1. Thank you, Lily! A bit early I know, but Happy Mum’s Day to you as well! πŸ˜€ You will have plenty of other things to keep your mind occupied. You will soon forget all this nonsense I’m sure! πŸ˜€

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  5. You are the calm voice in a wild storm nijntje. I always get something from your thoughts. To know your posts are really important to some is a gift I would never want you to stop. Keep up this important work.πŸ˜€ Love Bear

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