How to’s – Leadership (sorry to the dual followers!)

How to be a good leader, brought to you by my 15-year-old. *chuckle*


Video game addition:

Now both of my boys are extremely smart but the youngest is by far the most mature. That has been obvious since the beginning. Their personalities are very different one from the other and although they obviously share the same lifestyle growing up it is very obvious that they are each their own person.

When playing video games the oldest knows and sees more than most, he is intelligent and calculating and just basically above those around him. I am not trying to start any ‘I’m better than you’ matches here so please don’t go there. It’s just a fact.

When things are not going his way he gets angry, and shouting and name calling even when he is really frustrated.

The point? He is smart enough to be a good leader and he knows enough to be a good leader BUT he does not lead well! Most often he has his mic muted because lord forbid anyone hear him but that also means he is getting no where fast, all by himself!

Now to the youngest. He is every bit as bright as his brother and every bit as far ahead of everyone else as well. The difference is he keeps his mic on. He laughs a bit and jokes a bit and then let’s everyone know where he is, what he sees and how he feels would best work for the troop to move forward.

The situation is the same, the adrenaline is the same (any of you who play know just how caught up you can get) but instead of getting angry, the youngest takes a breath, steps back, laughs a bit and *asks* for what he needs instead of shouting orders ….

Patience, humour, humility and manners …. a good leader.




2 thoughts on “How to’s – Leadership (sorry to the dual followers!)

  1. My girl and I were talking about how different siblings can be just last night. Both of us have siblings that are ‘less than optimal’ for lack of a better term, and I was asked why that was. The best that I could come up with is it’s part personality, and part upbringing. Everyone is different, no matter whether they’re blood relative, or mashed together by circumstance (my brother and I were both adopted fwiw). How you react to the situations in your life have a great impact on how you turn out as a person. I’m probably off-tangent here (I only got 11 hours sleep last night) but just thought I’d throw that out there.


    1. 11 hours! LoL I thought I was doing well with a decent 8! *raspberries*

      I think the secret lies in the fact that you have genes from both parents, and not necessarily in the same order. Secondly although born and raised in the same home their experiences are still different and so too are they.

      have you ever taken the 16 personalities test? It really is something else! I’ve had the boys take it and have taken it myself as well. Knowing what makes them (and me tick) has helped in figuring out how best to relate to them. šŸ™‚ Give it a try, I’d be curious to see where you fit! LoL


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