Last night/pain relief – benefits of submission

The Bear finally made it home, after a long day and busy evening we finally got some time for us.

Both being tired and sore we decided to lay in bed a while before actual sleep. The hot tub warmed me through which was nice but my muscles were still very sore. Trying to lay in bed hurt, just trying to relax my muscles so that the bed could hold me made me cringe and squeak. Not sure how to describe it better I guess, my body is in a constant tense state. It’s the only way to manage the pain.

Anyway, the Bear decided to rub me down, try to relax some of those muscles slowly and hopefully let me get comfortable enough to sleep. I can be in enough pain even just lying there that it is hard to get to sleep. Breathing hurts ….

One thing led to another and the more into His touch I got the more I could breathe easier and begin to enjoy it. One thing led to another and eventually we were connecting more deeply. I’m sure you get my point.

We didn’t have the opportunity for impact play of any sort, just some hair pulling and biting but I did eventually get to the point where I was completely engulfed in just being His. You know that half here, half gone feeling when you are into that ‘space’. Nothing much matters and nothing much is about you? You’re floating about almost oblivious of time and space …. that thing!

This brings me to the point of this post, I didn’t have the chance for impact play which always helps and I was nowhere near orgasm when we called it a night BUT simply being able to access that space in my mind was enough to get this flowing.

By the time I rolled over to try to get some sleep, my first instinct was to hold my breath because I knew how my body was going to hurt. To my relief I *could* breathe and exhale without the crazy pain that had followed me all day!

It didn’t take away all the issue, I’m not saying that, but it did turn it into a minor annoyance instead of pain that would keep me up for hours until I passed out from exhaustion.

I’ve had issues for years, I know it wasn’t just the act of having sex that helped me. The act of complete submission brings about enough of a change that it very literally helps to be rid of my pain. I imagine it has something to do with the chemicals released when I reach that place in my mind.

Anyone else?

I’m not in the habit of writing about my sex life and that’s still not what this is about. My hope here was to maybe touch on some issues and subjects that are involved with D/s, BDSM and the dynamic we share. Something I find both interesting and helpful, educational. Pain relief without the drugs seems like a good reason to share.

Feed back appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Last night/pain relief – benefits of submission

  1. I wanted to comment on this but did not have the time. I suffer from migraines. Awful ones!! I have found the act of submission to help manage the relief from them. It surely does not get rid of them but does ease me enough to fall asleep. Sometimes the pain is sooo intense that I cannot sleep. I do believe your post is accurate.

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