16 thoughts on “I’m waiting ….

    1. For someone with chronic pain and raynaud’s it really is helpful! Mine is a ‘massage therapy’ tub with three sets of jets for different massages. Well worth the investment! 😀


      1. Oh you’re making me jealous. I keep asking Master to get one as it would help my chronic pain, but they’re so expensive to buy and run. They had inflatable hot tubs in the supermarket I sent a photo but he didn’t reply. Asked him if he saw the photo, he said yes, but chose to ignore it. I think he thinks I won’t use it very much, but having used the one on holiday last year, I think I would. But it’s just the cost really putting him off 😢

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      2. That sucks, sorry!! The initial cost to buy is an issue for sure, we opted for just a small one. I don’t like company anyway and this was a perfect excuse to say no, no room! LoL

        Once set up however they really are not expensive to run, and the hydro here is ridiculously expensive! Most people assume it would be but we haven’t noticed much change in the bill TBH. So there is that ….
        Hopefully you’ll be able to soon, even my doctor suggested it.


      3. Do you have solar panels to save the electric cost. The inflatable one I saw was £400, seemed to have 4 people in it, but I’m like you, room for Master or if my best friend wanted to use it but that’s all. To get a proper solid one with a gazebo cover, cost around £1500-£5000. Then to buy all the cleaning stuff is expensive at first but you have them all. Most in the UK, use solar panels but to pay for that is ridiculous money. He knows it would help my back, but I understand he has to be careful with the money xxxx

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      4. Just hydro but a well made one doesn’t use much. The inflatables may be a bit different, I don’t know. The chemicals do cost to start up as well but in a small one you don’t use much of that either, we normally only need test strips and chlorine. I know they promote a bunch of stuff but mostly not needed.


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