Personal Post – Dear Stalker

I’ll write this as personal, and it is. It’s in response to something I read.

You must be ‘James Bond’ or a real coward. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t hide behind veiled accusations and threats.

The secret behind the power of the necklace is that it was put on a rabbit with a hell of a dominant streak. *wink* Ever watch Monty Python? I’m just a cute little bunny rabbit ….

I might submit to one man, but never anyone else.

Have fun chasing your tail BTW …. ‘Friends, country men, lend me your ears …. ‘



10 thoughts on “Personal Post – Dear Stalker

    1. No, he’s just trying to find a ‘friend’ly ear … and I’m letting him know I do understand the power of ‘my necklace’. Perhaps he should get a better understanding himself.
      My turn to say something first! 😉

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      1. I’m with your Sir, let’s have a Bear story.😀 Or May be he can write about “Benjamin” who has put Lily in a cage lol. What the hell, write about the Cave Dweller. Living in a cave isn’t such a bad thing.😀 Stupidity is NOT a chronic illness. Sweet Jesus lol.

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  1. From what I see the subs here are much stronger than the ones at Twitter. I hate to categorize but the ones here seem very accepting.🙏

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    1. There are only two people who need to be happy with your dynamic, you and he. *wink* Suggestions can be helpful but at the end of the day it’s your life, go live it hun! 😀


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