Has the rabbit lost her marbles??

I thought I should give you a quick run down of what’s going on.  I was going to keep this private but I think I should put it up here (*with their permission*) for you folks to better understand. I’m sure you’ve noticed thesocialbutterfly2017 that has been commenting on my blog.
Her god-daughter is a submissive, butterfly is not, but her god daughter ‘lily’ got in with a bad crowd on-line a few years ago. She was ‘beat up’ pretty badly for being a ‘bad sub’, all the stuff I’ve been writing about.
Anyhow, god mother started following me a bit ago to try to figure all this out, she is not kinky or a sub, she had no clue.
Since leaving twitter (the place where lily was and got in with a bad ‘dom’) lily has been stalked by this dom that she refused. He and his ‘people’ online started stalking not only her but also her family and friends, anyone they could reach. Their internet accounts were hacked, things were posted on their behave etc etc. A nightmare as you can imagine, it’s all on the socialbutterfly2017 blog if you’re interested.
Long story short(er) this dom/stalker writes ‘children’s stories’ on line and he hints and steals from private and personal info he has hacked and writes them into these children stories about ‘Lila’.
Lately Lila stories now have hints of warriors, dragons and silly rabbits! LoL I admit I’m flattered BUT Suzanne (the butterfly) and Lily are not. Lily has been with someone else for some time, she is expecting her first child and this man still won’t stop stalking and writing.
Suzanne is dealing with a husband suffering from dementia, I don’t need to tell you that both of their plates are very full.
I started commenting on Suzanne’s blogs about all of this a few weeks ago and I figured he would take the bait, and he did. As far as I’m concerned he’s outed himself very nicely. If he thinks writing stories about rabbits is going to stop me from helping these two, well he is very sadly mistaken.
So far I think the ladies are feeling more empowered and more accepted than they were before I started. I have no intention of stopping until he does. *wink*
That’s about it …
Now you’re all caught up!

9 thoughts on “Has the rabbit lost her marbles??

  1. Human Resources says often that I need to take the emotion out of it and write simply. You did that and I just couldn’t. This thing has been a boil on my butt for too long. All of them need to move on. Lily has moved on. She’s in baby mode lol. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. Thanks nijntje!


    1. You are most welcome, both of you!
      The Bear came home today and said “You look happy!” and he’s right, helping others makes me happy especially if it helps to right a wrong! 🙂

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      1. It does feel good to help. I’ve done my fair share over the years. I’ll have Lily look at your post when they get where they’re going.😀

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  2. Bunnies have massive claws you know. They don’t back down when someone is in need of help. This is actually the time they are at their best. I am glad this bunny is mine.

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  3. I’m sorry to hear that she became entangled with such. Hopefully they will read something beyond the primary level and begin to learn how to carry themselves in society.

    Worth noting that a bunny with claws could do a number on a Bear’s back. Just sayin….


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