Ah, Saturday mornings and spanking! ;)

I’m not sure if you can really explain it to someone who has never tried it or has no interest in trying it but there really are some pretty terrific side effects!

We finally found the opportunity to fit in a quick (45 min.) spanking session and I feel so much better than before! At first I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea, like I said, if it’s been long enough in between i start to lose interest. It starts to feel silly and odd I guess. My self consciousness takes hold I suppose as well, it just feels …. weird, ridiculous … strange.

Fortunately the Bear holds His ground and wants to follow through, so I go along with it because that’s the point of the TPE isn’t it? Letting Him make the call as to what we need to do and what we don’t.

Anyhow, 45 minutes later and my body is moving better, I don’t feel as stiff or sore. My muscles have relaxed bringing my pain levels way down. My mind is clearer and more calm over all. It’s a dark, rainy day and normally that brings on migraine headaches for me. At the moment I have no headache …. *wink*

I’m not saying that it has solved all of my physical problems but it has made everything much more manageable. I feel human …. I can function.

I did find it very difficult to reach the point of orgasm however. We had a bit of play after the spanking and i just can’t quite get there. Like I said, this is normal for me, if it’s been too long it seems to short-circuit things and I have to really build up to it.

Like I said, it’s a rainy weekend! Not much else to do but play inside! *grin* Looks like the Bear is going to be busy!! LoL He said it’s been much too long for me and I have carte blanche *wink* for achieving whatever I can! WooHoo!

See you all on Monday! Happy weekend. 😀

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