My ‘female’ orgasm(s) *chuckle*

I’m not sure if anyone else has ever experienced this, I know I haven’t seen it written this way so I will try my best to explain. This is not my usual topic so I’m not entirely sure how to approach it, please bear with me. I have read one description that sounded very similar but we never got further into the discussion. Anyway, here goes ….

Have you ever noticed that females can have multiple orgasms (I know I certainly can) while our male counter parts are usually set and ‘done’ with one? Sometimes if you’re young and lucky you can do more but it usually involves a break in between …. am I totally off the mark here or have you found this to be the general way of it?

BUT where there is a will, there is a way! *chuckle* For men a ruined orgasm allows for the release and some pleasure but the sexual brain and parts 😉 stay on the ready. This can take some practice to figure out but you can in effect orgasm and stay just as ready and able and interested as you were before hand. It’s the male version of multiple orgasms!  Nice right!

Generally speaking when a man has a full orgasm they are more or less ‘done’. The sexual interest drops, you are ready for a good rest and generally speaking the interest really doesn’t come back for 7 to 10 days … There are exceptions of course and the younger males are most certainly one of those exceptions but ….

When life and responsibilities and things get in the way you can bet that the interest will be low for 7 to 10 days give or take. I’m not saying they can’t be convinced, it’s just not really the first thing on their radar.

My experience has been the same with these different levels of my orgasms. In general I can have multiple orgasms and continue to be just as ready and just as interested. It makes me more ready to be at His service, keeps my spirits and mood up and I’m always thinking of how best to please Him. 🙂 Sex is first on my mind as well and it really doesn’t take much ‘convincing’ if you know what I mean.

I’m low on stress, it keeps my pain levels manageable and just a happy bunny in general (and not like the stickers, at least not at home *wink*). Having said that there is ‘the one’. Due to noise restrictions I don’t often get to experience that one. The walking dead has failed to take all the children out of the house so we need to be quiet! darn it!! 😛

Just to give you an idea of the power of it all, we ran into a neighbour  5 houses down who in conversation mentioned the couple having ‘fun’ that you can hear from time to time! Yikes! I managed to keep my composure and I’m sure he didn’t realize who it was because of the way it came about but still! We always have the windows closed …. the neighbourhood has lots of space in between properties, it really never occurred to me how loud I actually got! Poor Bear needs earplugs! But anyway ….

That one, ‘the one’, is what I would equate with the regular male orgasm. The one that makes you want to rest and the one that leaves you completely satisfied and ‘done’! I can not continue to orgasm after that …. it just won’t happen, done! Before this ‘one’ I can go on for days! ;P After that one I simply need to rest my body before I can orgasm again.

I find I can normally go 7 to 10 days myself as well with sex not being the priority. Now unlike the male submissive accounts that I have read, I don’t lose interest in pleasing and being there for the Bear I just don’t have an overwhelming need for sex!

I don’t feel frustrated and even angry like I do get when I have either no orgasms or if I try tease and denial. Tease and denial will actually make it so I lose the ability to orgasm when it’s time … go figure. It doesn’t make them better, it makes it worse for me.

Before starting to play with BDSM I figured the regular, multiple orgasms were it. I had never heard of a woman who had had an orgasm ‘good’ enough that made them basically act like a man! chuckle* Roll over, have a nap and I’ll see you in a week or so! (Just some humour folks, don’t go getting up in arms!)

I’m not saying that I need to orgasm each and every time, I’m just as happy to be there for Sir and let Him have His fun, just for Him, when He likes BUT it needs to be in the middle of me still being able to orgasm either small or BIG on a regular basis.

I started with the idea of moving my submission to the bedroom because I wanted more and better sex, not the other way around. Despite not having a label for it we started living this way a very long time ago outside the bedroom. Think Downton Abbey, I’ve always been strong and taken care of business but He has always been the one with final say, and respect is a given as far as I’m concerned, it shouldn’t require a label.

Anyhow, hope this makes sense ….

2 thoughts on “My ‘female’ orgasm(s) *chuckle*

  1. I’m in my sixties, and when I have a ruined orgasm, I lose it for a few hours, sometimes up to a day. I had an unauthorized ruined orgasm yesterday, but I can’t wait…in a few hours, I will wake up Baby Doll and she will give me a wonderful tease and deny session. We have sex multiple times a day, except when I’m allowed a full blown orgasm (it’s been six weeks), then I’m down for 3 to 4 days.

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