Always on my mind

I have been off work these last two days and today as well. Tomorrow things will be back to full force and I will be busy, moving and working and likely have no time to stop, let alone think of anything that isn't happening right here and now. Today I'm enjoying thinking of Him. Remembering … Continue reading Always on my mind


Watch Out Bear! *wink* Since we're going back to the beginning .... *giggle* This is the 'next Gen' for us I guess and the truth is that it all boils down to trust, like it always does. I have to trust that letting myself be me won't knock the Bear 'out of the water' and that He won't … Continue reading Watch Out Bear! *wink*


I don't think the key to this is to find that perfect match or waiting for your partner to become that perfect match. I think the key is to find that person who will never stop trying, for you, because of you. From both sides .... The first one doesn't exist anyway.