You just need to look.

Since I haven’t had anything going on around here and nothing much happening ….. Yah, right! Such an uneventful week last week and this week continued on with a leak in the ceiling, broken water intake valve, I’m now working without a dish washer and a very sore hand. So you see, nothing ….

There is a huge hole in the ceiling in my work space and more than enough dishes to keep my hand good and sore/swollen for a few days yet until the part, hopefully, comes in.

According to the email however, the delivery is not expected until the middle of next week, well after my family Easter, here hosted in my home. Only 18 people or so, all pretty much adults …. fairly easy to plan and cook for right? I’m sure there won’t be too much mess or many dishes to do! Yikes …

Oh right, where was I going with this. I could continue to tell you the details of my ‘nothingness’ but in the middle of it all I got up this morning to a note on the white board.

He used my name, nijntje. He has never used my name on things that others could see. I wonder if He realizes that?

So in the midst of all the chaos, all you have to do is look …. to find a reason to smile!

Happy Tuesday! ❀

15 thoughts on “You just need to look.

  1. Very sweet to see that. Sometimes we miss the obvious among the chaos. Take care of yourself. 18 people? I thought I had it bad.

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    1. It’s easy to focus on the stress in life and completely miss the good we have. This site often goes a long way in helping me remember. πŸ™‚ In giving this ‘window’ to others I also re-focus myself.
      Life is far from perfect but it’s what you choose to see in it that matters most.

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      1. i’m still not getting any of your new posts. When i try to ‘manage’ the following settings for your site through WP reader it gives me errors and won’t let me. Humm
        A glitch because I was following before? Grandfathered in issues? Not a clue, just fyi


  2. Oh wow, sounds like you certainly have your hands full! I really hope the part comes in sooner than expected, washing dishes by hand for that many people sounds monstrous (even without the swelling issue you’re having).

    It’s sweet to see small reminders like that. Even in the midst of chaos, he’s appreciating your submission to him, and that makes it just a little bit less chaotic. πŸ™‚

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    1. Unfortunately this is only the half of it, but yes it is A LOT of dishes! UGH

      The name is also a reminder that I’m not alone in this. Appreciation is awesome, knowing He has my back is calming. πŸ™‚

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