What a long week!

It started first thing Monday morning and didn’t quit all week. Extra chores that couldn’t be put off and a shopping trip that also couldn’t wait!

Days spent on my knees, and not the way I like! 😉 LoL

Back to full-time work for me and super busy for the Bear! Oh what fun we have had! *chuckle* I think we both need something ‘extra’ this weekend. I ran into some ‘surprises’ that had been ready and set to go and then unfortunately put off due to circumstance!

At least I know I was on His mind, but there was simply no way. By the end of every day all we could do was fall into bed and hope for sleep, without barking interruptions!

So …. I think I’ll use this ever spinning brain of mine to come up with something enticing! *wink* I’ll start with getting my nails done, I know it doesn’t sound like much effort but believe me it is. I know He likes it and I’m certain He’ll appreciate it too!

We will go from there ….. Happy Friday! Finally!


6 thoughts on “What a long week!

  1. Something enticing. …humm. This sounds promising. Your nails look great. I know with your hands bothering you so much this week it must have been a painful time doing them. I appreciate that nijntje. Just glad the weekend is here and we can just enjoy each other.😀


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