Stronger on my knees.

I find life is usually very full of irony and just as hilarious as I want to let it be.

I have been working, very busy and full schedule these last two days. It doesn’t sound like much I know but for me, right now it is a feat in and of itself.

On occasion the Bear tells me to wear His ring for the day (usually to ease my mind and help me remember I’m His) and when He’s finally home and I’m done work I’m to kneel and present it back to Him.

Trying to work these last two days has made it so I can barely walk straight and bending to grab something or standing from a sitting position is almost impossible by mid day. Lucky for me I have a good amount of upper body strength so I actually use my upper body to push or pull myself up when needed. My lower back and hips and usually knees are basically useless right now.

As a result, when the Bear came home today and wanted His ring back He told me I could just sit on the ottoman to present it to Him, instead of kneeling. He didn’t want me to suffer and struggle, not like that! What would be the point??

I had to tell Him that it’s actually easier for me to kneel and get back up then it is to do it from sitting. My legs are strong and I’m very flexible. Using those muscles along with my arms to get up and down right now is almost painless, unlike when I sit or stand from sitting.

So when he told me not to kneel and why, I had to respond. “But Sir, I’m stronger on my knees!”

The irony of this really gets good because I have been rolling a post idea around in my head that stems from the fact that even though I have always been a dominant in the world, and always will be,  the fact that I have started submitting to my husband has only made me stronger. Being out there is easier than ever because ….. I’m stronger on my knees!

That was where my mind had been these past few days and that is exactly where my body followed to today.

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Stronger on my knees.

  1. Beautifully put, and a powerful reminder to anyone who thinks that submission is the easy option.

    Also, what a thoughtful man Bear is.

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    1. Thank you, thebarefootsub! Anyone who thinks it’s easy obviously has no idea what it really is. It’s not easy but it certainly has great advantages when done with the right person!

      And thank you again! The Bear is always mindful of me and my needs, very thoughtful always. It made the choice to submit an easy one, even if the exercise can be work at times. 😉

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