Always on my mind

I have been off work these last two days and today as well. Tomorrow things will be back to full force and I will be busy, moving and working and likely have no time to stop, let alone think of anything that isn’t happening right here and now.

Today I’m enjoying thinking of Him. Remembering His touch, fantasizing of more …. feeling His hand on my face as I move my hair out of my eyes. He likes to see my eyes so it’s a move He makes often.

I’m remembering the few stolen moments we had this morning before He had to leave for work, telling me I better get back to sleep. *sigh* That tone that says ‘don’t even think of getting out of bed, yet.’ I didn’t sleep well yesterday and today I had been up since about 1 am, He knows I need my sleep. Some how His will sends me off to slumber, something I can’t seem to do myself!

Being His calms my mind like nothing else can. Today I will enjoy every thought and every feeling. Today I don’t need to fight the good fight, today I just get to be ….

Happy Hump Day! ❀

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