Odd Happenings

I read a post a little while back about Bastinado and it got me thinking.

Now we have tried this before, a very long time ago and to be honest I more or less forgot about it. I did enjoy our play time when we did and I can’t even remember why we decided to try it in the first place but I know we did.

The odd thing is that I absolutely hate to have my feet touched, like at all! I don’t do pedicures and I can paint my own toes but even that took a long time to be okay with. A foot message to me would be one of the worst punishments you could dish out! Get the idea? I REALLY hate my feet touched. LoL

So last night since we had the evening to ourselves for an hour or so (Yays!) and Sir had no concrete plans for the evening I asked if we could try it again! *grin* I might have been dancing around to Nickelback in nothing but a collar and tail …. *giggle* so the convincing might have been minimal! *wink*

(FYI Before this ‘no rules‘ idea I wouldn’t have taken it upon myself to dress, or undress in this manner and grab a ‘prop’! All the toys were off-limits unless specifically ordered. This is way more fun …. )

Things went quite well and I still enjoy the caning very much even though I still don’t like my feet touched, even a little! Who knew …. I guess it never hurts to just try something before you decide you don’t care for it, you might be surprised. I’ve never been one to write something off just because I think I wouldn’t like it, I think you need to give things a chance before shooting them down. I’m grateful for the reminder though A Leap of Faith!

Anyone else have these types of contradictory reactions to things?


6 thoughts on “Odd Happenings

  1. Unfortunately my feet ache way too much to try anything like this. The nerves become inflamed and I can’t stand any sort of touch, even my heels on the mattress at night become too much. HD has tried massaging to alleviate some of the pain but it just makes it worse. (Actually one of mine is throbbing now and it’s just hanging over the edge of the couch, not touching anything.) Bastinado has always seemed so fascinating, I wish I could try it.

    Looks like the no-rules rule is paying off, you’re becoming more flexible and relaxed. 🙂 This goes to show that revisiting previous experiences can result in the unexpected.

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    1. Sorry to hear about your feet troubles, it took some time originally for me/us to figure out how to play this way as well. My feet aren’t always ready for such play, sometimes swelling and tenderness is too much to get around with me too. The raynaud’s makes things interesting and high BP will also cause swelling at times which means I can barely walk let alone play, so I do empathize with you! Sorry!

      When we started the vibrations alone would sometimes send me into a reaction, similar to hives! There was a lot of work that went into figuring out the intensity and timing of the strikes in order to not set off a reaction like that, but it was worth it! 🙂

      The no-rules is definitely working out! I’m such a stickler for things that I cage myself up way more than He ever would, or would even want …. Our ‘next step’! *smiles*

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    1. I know, it is odd isn’t it? It must be the difference between a soft touch and something much more intense I guess. Tickling is a hard limit for me too!


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