My favourite time of day ….

I think some of the most telling things about a relationship might not be the things that people would normally think of. Since I’ve been on about communication lately my brain just took it a bit further.

One of my most favourite part of the day(s) is when Sir comes in excited to tell me about something He heard, or something He saw or found funny. His enthusiasm is obvious and energy is high and all He wants to do is share it, with me … *smiles*

‘Date nights’ are planned and nice but you are ‘thinking’ and hopefully on your best behaviour. Sex is well, sex …. I would say most people enjoy that.

Kisses – hello, good-bye, good night are sweet and a great indication of affection but they can become automatic, like driving, you just do it. (Maybe my personality profile showing a bit here.)

Sharing your excitement, your thoughts and ideas and your good mood, now that is something you do with someone you WANT to be with. Someone that means a lot to you, someone you really want to spend your time with. THAT you do with your best friend ….

So when that enthusiastic happy Bear comes bounding into the room just to tell me what He found …. That’s when I know He doesn’t just ‘love’ me, He LIKES me too! *wink*

Happy Hump Day!

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