No rules

Went for a quick shopping trip this weekend, I spotted a unicorn headband. I asked Sir if I could get one …..

images“That’s a hard NO!”



We’ve decided on a new approach.

No Rules!

It might sound backwards but it’s actually a bit of a refresher and a bit liberating.

I won’t allow myself to fail or break rules, no matter how minor and no matter how playful.

I don’t miss a step usually and I don’t pester or bug or brat.

I don’t need to be told, I don’t need to be reminded and I don’t need to be corrected…..

He doesn’t need to actively dominate me (outside of playtime) because there is never anything to counsel, disapprove of or want to change.

The result is stagnant.

No rules allows my naughty playful side to push the envelope and test the limits, something my brain won’t allow otherwise.

No rules means He gets to allow or stop things as they come up … depending on His preferences or mood.

The look on His face when I tried to open my own car door was priceless! *wink* The naughty twinkle in my eye was enough to start things …. *giggle*

A few rules He has reinstated, but they are at a minimum, the rest is fair game …. and what a fun game so far!

Happy Monday!

Love You always, Evil Bear! ❤

3 thoughts on “No rules

    1. Your energy levels certainly appear to be replenished, Evil Bear!! *raspberries* Boy we sure had a lot of rules ….. sooo many naughty things to push. ❤ *wink*


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