D/s 2.0, quit the crap, not quite fitting in, You likely don’t understand, The real Us:

If you’ve been around long enough you probably already know this, some of you have been following since almost the very beginning. You guys probably have a better idea of where things actually stand. For the rest, anyone new, and especially anyone trying to figure out the power exchange dynamic by reading ‘me’, this explanation, or story …. is for you.

Most importantly, when I talk about my D/s, my TPE and my ‘dynamic’, on this site it really does refer to mostly kink and sex. I’ll be honest that my kinky sexy relationship has been a bit lack luster lately,   … and for a little while.

What this doesn’t change however is the way we relate to each other. We still talk, every day, we still are very kind but honest with each other, we are still very much on the same team and we are still very much connected.

His best interest and the best interest of the family is still my main concern and taking care of me is still His main concern. I will always show respect and I will still always let Him have final say, no matter where the kinky play may be.

Rules and ideas that we have incorporated since starting a TPE have all been kink and sex related, everything else was just simply life. There was no contract needed, it was just us.

We have always been best friends, we do things best friends do. He’s the first person I want to see and talk to and tell all my naughty secrets or fantasies to, and all my heartaches and fears.

When I don’t feel good I look for Him and when I feel fantastic I want to share with Him, no one knows me half as well as He. No one is more interested in how I feel than He, even when it would be so much easier to just pretend He didn’t see. He’s always there.

I get tired and frustrated some times with our ‘D/s’ but it’s only a very small portion of the entire story. The talking, the honesty, the truth and the connection are not D/s to me, that’s the description of my marriage ….

The D/s changes we made are about sex (which is important, I’m not saying it isn’t) and about BDSM. Those are things I enjoy, and they are things that help settle the brain for sure. How many sexually satisfied people have you ever seen that were grumpy?? They are effective but they are not all there is to a relationship.

I would rather give up BDSM than give up my best friend … there is no contest.

What we need to do, and I think are doing now, is shed all the ‘information’ and simply make it ours.

I’m not a ‘submissive’ and I don’t work that way. He can’t treat me like one, at least not the ones you read about because it just doesn’t fit. We need to make our own manual …. but then again, doesn’t everyone? *wink*

Happy Friday Folks! Go raise a little H3LL! *wink*

Comments welcome! :D

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