Submissive request

** I keep saying we talk all the time, I keep saying our communication is part of what keeps this afloat even when things get hectic, I keep saying that it’s the truth of our connection. So I thought I’d show you … **

EMS – I think I need your assistance and guidance in something. This morning’s first post and subsequent happenings have brought some things to my mind. Some things that are obvious and in need of attention for me!

  • The fact that the tasks you leave help me in my mind and stress levels is known.
  • The fact that I can’t reach that state when I am not alone at home is known.
  • The fact that alone days are not likely any time soon seems to be very apparent now.
  • I believe I am at a point in my brain that I either need to get the job done properly, or I need to stop ‘needing’ it.

I believe that having you assign these things when you are home might be the answer. I know that it will take away from Your time but I feel it will be significantly helpful for me.

10 or 15 minutes during the day when I am alone works wonders, the problem is that when the boys are home or I am expecting a call to handle a situation, I can’t let my mind be Yours completely for any amount of time.

My thoughts are that if I can get those 10/15 minutes alone when you are home than my brain knows you are here to handle any situation and I can finally  relax into whatever task you have left for me.

I know this takes away from Your time but I feel it wouldn’t take much time at all and I think the over all effect would be pleasing and helpful for both of us. Perhaps we could try it this way when my day time plans fail and we can see how it works after a week or so?

**I don’t imagine the Bear will give His full answer on here, but I know He will take it seriously and answer.

No, my words aren’t done in some strange cadence and don’t make Him out to be full of pomp and circumstance, they are just words, English, but they work.**

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