First time in a while …. :D

I don’t watch much TV but the Walking Dead is coming back on this weekend and I for one am very excited. Before you ask, no I don’t watch the show! *giggle*

The boys watch the show and they make an evening of it by going over to Gramma’s house for pop and popcorn and some family watching time! Right now everyone seems mentally stable enough to make the evening so I am getting very excited to have a few minutes, ALONE with the Bear!!

I’m trying not to get too many ideas hopping through this little rabbit brain of mine because I really don’t want to set up some fantasy that is bound to fail BUT ……

We haven’t had a minute alone since last November, quite literally.

Deep breaths ….

Slow the brain ….

Don’t get too caught up on expectations …..

Ohmmmmm …..



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