This … this is why I stay away from labels.

Most of you have likely read this already, they have more followers than I, but if you haven’t and especially if you’re new, you should!

The reason why I don’t follow many ‘dynamic’ related sites is because of some of the outlandish ideas that they hold.

In a nut shell, the Bear is the Lord and Master of this home, and as such He comes second, I come first ….. don’t understand what I mean? Please click on the link!

D/s—BDSM practitioners primarily involved in public venues, hook-ups, and other temporary or part-time play predominantly fall under the consent and trust relationship foundation, instead of the love foundation that most 24/7 couples build on [*see my post on D/s: comparing foundations]. Sadly, that is why posers, wannabes, and abusers can operate in the public venues […]

via D/s: Dictator or Dom? — ALPHA & kat

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