Me: ‘Rainy damp day out there Sir, how about a nice evening curled up in front of the fire?’

Sir: ‘Umm, on a fur throw with a naked bunny …’

Sir: ‘ ….. with no kids …’

Some days wishful daydreaming is going to have to be enough. Somehow just knowing that He wants what I want too makes it easier.

We can still do the fire and curling up together, the rest we will keep in mind for another day, BUT I know He wants too, I know He wants me too ….

Happy Thursday All!



2 thoughts on “Daydreaming

    1. … and it’s nice to hear it out loud too, Sir. ❤

      Communication is not just issues, problems and things requiring change. This kind of communicating is well worth remembering as well! *wink*


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