Ye shall receive …

I said to a friend quite some time ago that I have an ‘ask and ye shall receive’ kind of relationship. I know I’ve mentioned it here a time or two as well.

His response, ‘well ask!’

Lately I have been asking …… silly rabbit!!! UGH *grin*

In my defense though … the Bear seems to be enjoying this waaayyy too much! *raspberries* *giggle*

Be careful what you ask for folks, you just might get it! I think I’m going to need a ‘weekend’ from my weekend!

On a side note, this is my 700th published post! And 100 countries have stopped by ….. Thank you all! 😀

Happy Weekend! ❤

9 thoughts on “Ye shall receive …

      1. More like Evil Bear!! 😛 LoL

        Honestly, a bit of stress relief is good for both of us and not taking any of this too seriously seems to be the key. It is supposed to be fun and enjoyed after all …. ! *wink*


  1. Once upon a time there was a very serious boy the size of a man. He said and did all of the “right” things. He was so involved with being “right” that he forgot to be him. Though always “right”, his life had no joy.

    Poor boy.


    1. Interesting that you wrote that. I try to explain to my oldest often, would you rather be ‘right’ or would you rather be happy? I think those who answer happy have a greater maturity over all, the youngest get’s it!


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