Sound familiar?

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard a report, somewhat joking, but also with many people disturbed that the ‘soon to be new royal’ needs to follow some rules of manners and decorum, especially when out in public.

Most sounded very familiar!

I had to chuckle, then I asked the Bear ….

‘Are we royals’? *giggle*

Happy Friday All!

13 thoughts on “Sound familiar?

    1. *chuckle* Look up Meghan Markle, rules she needs to follow to be part of the royal family.

      And I have many descriptors when I think of my beagle friend but daft is most certainly not one of them! ๐Ÿ˜€


      1. Son of Charles and Diana? How old is he now?

        The connection is stronger there. More so in older folks especially. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have folks here that are following something such as that but don’t know the name of their Senator.

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      2. One and the same, he is 33 now! He was just here for the work he does with the special Olympics! I’m not one to follow things just because, but the out reach and volunteer work he does for others is impressive, that I will follow! *wink*


      3. Whether the topic is being a man (or lady) or leadership, humility and service are where you start to learn. If he is doing these things for the right reasons it speaks well of him.


      4. So far that certainly seems to be the case, and he’s been doing it for some time. It started when he returned from serving his country and looked around to see all the men and women who returned disabled. He realized then the need for mental and physical support and it took off from there. As far as media goes, it’s nice to see a humble but helpful ‘star’ taking the spotlight.


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