Morning Ritual

This morning I must have been sleeping soundly, for a change.

Every morning the Bear comes around to say good morning and love you and have a good day. He gets up very early and I’m pretty often awake anyway, or I wake the second He moves …. I don’t sleep well.

I got up this morning to start my day and I didn’t remember saying ‘good morning’. This has been going on for years so to say it was odd is an understatement to be sure!

Some time into our morning I did reach the Bear and He told me He did come around but I didn’t respond. For once I was actually sleeping …. so He let me sleep.

I didn’t like the ‘odd’ feeling of not seeing Him off this morning but I do know He’s right for not waking me. To say I have been under a lot of stress and need my rest is another understatement!

I guess the few stolen minutes and new ‘triggers’ and methods we are using are working. I don’t feel nearly as bad as I did just one week ago and apparently I might actually start sleeping!

My ‘odd’ feeling was taken care of with a quick text and a short task to complete.

First dominant act of the Bear’s day – letting me sleep.


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