It’s days like these that make me wonder.

I have debated what to do with this site for some time now, I keep it because there are some things that are specific to TPE that I need to write out but I’m not always sure if I fit.

Most of what I have seen out there deals with problems following rules, or issues communicating or protocols and rituals being tried or dismissed. All of these things have their place and can help maintain the flow without a doubt. What I find however is that my site doesn’t quite fit that mold.

When I think on my relationship the first thing that enters my head is not kink or protocols or rules to be followed. It’s not kneeling and cuffs and spankings, that’s not the main theme.

Our lives are stressful and complicated, especially right now and have been for a few years. I rarely have the luxury of fretting over cuffs or ‘plugs’ or other assorted toys no matter how much I might enjoy and sometimes miss them, depending on how long it has been since we’ve had a moment’s peace.

We use these things to keep us connected but when the sh*t hits the fan the thing that brings me/us comfort and makes me feel His is that I can put the weight down and curl up in His lap and expect that I will be held and cared for, just as long as I need in whatever way I need, right then and there.

It’s not all scripted and it’s not all about ‘proper’ protocol, it’s life. It’s complicated, it’s messy and most often much of the weight is on my shoulders …… It’s being able to put that down, for even a little bit and knowing that the ship will stay to right!

I’ll do whatever He likes in bed, I really have very few inhibitions, I’ll do whatever He wants in life, He always listens to my advice and He never acts without thought or in our best interest. I will always show Him respect, He earned it a long, long time ago.

We always talk, openly and honestly, even about the hard things. I’ve always wanted to make Him happy, He’s always wanted to take care of me, whatever that might entail.

The kink and some formality we added some years ago but it’s not what makes us, that’s just the icing. So do we have a ‘dynamic’? I have no clue, but I know for certain that I wouldn’t trade it for some label.

So yes, life is crazy but our connection is still strong. Being His is easy, and calming. The rest of life, well not so much! You want the rest of the story, click on the link. I don’t like repeating myself …


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