Tried again, …..

Last night in an effort to get just the smallest amount of relief the Bear set up the heaters in the garage, had them running until I was done work and just as soon as possible He tried to sneak me out to the garage once more for just a short 5 minute session!

The boys were busy in their rooms, playing games with head phones on and we were really crossing our fingers. The Bear was in full control and the session went well, I was getting at least some mental relief as we walked back into the house ….. to find the youngest standing in the hall of the back door entrance! Of Course!

The switch from ‘taken’ to in charge was instant in my brain and damage control was first on my mind. We have a freezer in the garage and he was here to ask about dinner so I played it off like I was out there taking inventory and carried on in my role as mom. The relaxed slump of my body was gone and the straight back and head held high mindset was back. We had come in because of the cold and were hoping for a few minutes of aftercare in the house, on the couch before starting dinner. So much for that idea ….

It’s not that we don’t keep trying, we just have no luck! *chuckle*

We did get to a few more minutes of being ‘us’ just before bed. We settle the boys in for the night and make sure all concerns and conversations have been had and then we settle in to our bedroom for some more obvious, ritualistic experiences.

The good news, I’m getting better at mindfully switching gears in my head, like meditation you could say. The Bear is getting good at some new triggers to help me switch.

There is always the possibility of interruptions at the door but The Bear is playing interference when the boys come searching, because they always do.  It’s not perfect but it’s stepping in the right direction.

I don’t like locking myself away from them in case they need me but as long as I can manage the interruptions and they know knocking is always welcome, than maybe this can work. Practicing changing gears is the big thing here so that’s what we’ll do. We’re searching out and practicing with new triggers and making better use of some old favourites!  😀

Love You Always Sir! ❤

Is this stuff interesting and helpful to you, my reading audience? Does this help to fill in the big picture?

6 thoughts on “Tried again, …..

  1. Personally I like reading blogs that portray realism. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. It’s tough. Especially the things your talking about. Trying to maintain a D/s dynamic in the midst of family, kids, life demands. So I for one appreciate the realistic view.
    Best of luck to and Bear as you navigate through xo


    1. I guess I’m just good at compartmentalizing D/s and non-D/s related things. When I opened up about the other site with the ‘rest of the story’ I didn’t really have many takers. To me that meant that the interest for such things was not there/here.
      I certainly didn’t mean to give an unrealistic view, many things ‘there’ are touched on here as well, just not in such great detail. If this makes it easier to follow than I’m glad, I guess the lack of interest was perhaps misleading after all.
      Thank you for the best wishes, every bit helps!

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    1. Well I wish! Not play time, but just some quiet time that I could be bound, rested, and His … 😉 5 minutes over His knee always helps too, I just didn’t get much time to enjoy the affects!

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