Leading, with/and respect.

When we started down this road I’m quite certain that the Bear found my personal strength intimidating, and i dare say after a while even a bit off-putting.

After giving Him the control and encouraging Him to take it and use it many things changed. One of the most satisfying for me is the fact that He now admires my strength and has no problem making that very clear!

The fact that He can embrace all of me makes it possible for me to finally let my guard down. No matter which side of my personality He is faced with I know that He enjoys having it and wants to be here.

He respects my strength, He no longer fears it and He embraces my soft side too, the one no one else gets to see. All of me …. respected and accepted and cared for. 

My view of submission is not that it makes me weak, it’s not that it makes me strong either, it makes me whole.


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