Newton’s Third Law

The physics of a D/s relationship also applies ….

For every (submissive) action there is an equal and opposite (dominant) reaction … the two forces must coexist in order for the energy to be maintained.

In addition, someone must start the action or no reaction will be forthcoming to balance the equation …..

In a nut shell, it takes two! If one side does not act the other must or no energy will exist. Simple as that ….

(Being very scientifically liberal here! LOL but you get the picture.)

So we have gone through a bit of a lull in the past few weeks (month) with life and illness and lack of time or energy. I think we have been ‘at rest’ long enough ….   I for one am ready to get playful and cheeky and see what you do about it Sir! LOL

I wrote this almost two years ago …. seems like a good reminder now as well. Not that I need reminding, I’m already processing ways in which I can get at least some of what I crave despite the lack of time and privacy (main issue really). 

Where there is a will, there is a way. I am looking into some new ideas to work on my over all ‘calm’ feeling … it’s looking like the current state of affairs is going to continue for some time yet to come and I am not one to stand around and wait.

My job as His submissive is to explain what I’m feeling and what I think may be the cause (that part is obvious) and also what I think might help. A few years ago I would have hesitated because of the fear of ‘topping’ or something. Now I know that He decides if it’s my place or if I’m over stepping. 

Providing information is not topping, He needs that knowledge to properly lead. I HAVE come a long way! Yays!! 😉 I’ve always made sense of that in my head, it was the speaking up part that I always found difficult. Not any more ….. 



9 thoughts on “Newton’s Third Law

    1. *giggle* Well, in my current physical state I don’t think losing the ability to sit down a while would be very wise! 😛

      Although, it might just set everything else to ‘right’. Still, no time or place for that currently so I should likely try something else!

      I have a few things in mind that we have experimented with in the past but never really took advantage of, quiet things. The plan is to point out the possible benefits and hope He decides to give them a try, for both of our sakes and sanity!!

      Come next week we will be adding a house guest to the mix ….. I have a feeling our few weekend morning ‘moments’ will be on hold then as well. UGH!


      1. “Most of my current problems are beyond the realm of my control and require both fortitude and patience. ”

        I believe that’s the proper response?!? *wink* Seriously though, I would if I could. I’ll be downloading my brain cells onto the other soon, if I can get the words out it should at least help to decompress the old noodle! And get the Bear on the same page … double points!


    1. LoL Sorry Kit, the bunny loves science of any sort, and math …. *chuckle*

      I don’t think things will change much any time soon, we’ll just need to get more creative, again! We can find the time, it’s lack of privacy that is proving difficult.

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  1. I can relate, action, reaction – and there needs to be something on both sides of the equation. It is never fun to be the only one in action. There is nothing to fuel the fire. But when there is a response, it can become exponentially more fun 🙂

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