Another day …..

Every time I turn around there is something else going on that needs time and attention. Our alone time is nonexistent and any sort of impact play has been off the table for longer than I can even remember.

Even short spanking sessions that could sometimes be sneaked in here and there have been gone for weeks. We used to go out to the garage at times when there was no other way but the weather is so cold that it is simply not possible. To say that the frustration is starting to build up would be quite the understatement, and things at home are only getting more complicated by the day.

My body is showing the physical symptoms now of the stress piling on. Some days I find it hard to even walk. I can’t sleep, the raynaud’s is in full force and now allergies and rashes have joined the fun.

I am missing that release of energy, you could definitely say it provides many health benefits for me …. it’s just another day.


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