Happy Christmas Eve Folks! Follow your light ….

Why does it feel, we walk in a world full of strangers
How did we stray so far from that miracle in the manger
When did we lose sight of that star
Why must we live lost in the dark

There’s a light that shines within us
A humble gift for peace and forgiveness
On this Christmas night
Let’s follow the light
Back to Bethlehem

Relive the birth, witness the sweet joy of kindness
Reach out in faith, cast off the bitterness that blinds us
Find our way back to where it all began
Give of our hearts, let love be born again


Rest assured with every step we’re taking
We’ll be leading one another
One step closer to our savior


5 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Eve Folks! Follow your light ….

    1. I’n not one for ‘fandom’ but I admit this man I would love to sit and chat with. My up bringing was not the most wonderful but I ‘latched on’ to his music when I was very young. Most of my values I learned from listening. You might enjoy this one if you get a chance to listen:


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