Tasks unfinished

Yesterday was a busy day, time was short to begin with and my appointment went way long! Like hours over ……

I did most of what the Bear had left/leaves for me to do but there was one thing that got missed. It was simply not possible to fit it into my day without interfering with my work, not before He was to be home anyway.

His solution, I would simply get to the task after work. Fair enough, but for some reason being off schedule and out of ‘turn’ really gets to my head. You are all surprised I know, the perfectionist doesn’t like having things out-of-order! Go figure …..

Now I’m really not the type to stress over things usually so as far as I was concerned it could just be chalked up to ‘life happens’ and left for another day.  Many times in the past that is exactly what would happen because the task was not the end of the world and the point behind it was to relax me and strengthen the connection we share when He is not here, nothing more and nothing less. He was on His way home within minutes of my being able to get to it anyway …..

Well like I said the Bear wanted it done, so getting it done I would do. (He doesn’t yet know any of this, guess He does now!) I didn’t complain or try to talk my way out of this even though that was the first instinct. Within seconds my brain turned to the thought that I asked for this in the first place and that the point of submission is not just when I feel up to it or when it’s convenient, it means more when I’m not in the ‘mood’ frankly! I had been out in the world and taking care of business all day, my domme pants were very comfortably in place. Following through was exactly what I needed Him to do, and me to do. 

He was home before I was done of course and walked in on me as I did as He wished. He didn’t say a word and went about His business, and watching. Something about having Him there changed the task from its usual feel to just that much more intense in its meaning and feel.

He came to me just as I was finishing up and helped me to my feet. The transformation was complete from warrior to His nijntje. Nothing complicated and nothing fancy but most certainly effective. The rest of the night saw us both comfortable in our preferred places.

Most of the control The Bear has over me is not kinky or sexual, that is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s all in my head.  Life, kids and stress never stops that …… I’m His with or without the symbols and kink.

His holidays start today. 😀

Can’t wait till you’re home Bear!!  ❤


2 thoughts on “Tasks unfinished

  1. That was beautifully written nijntje. I am so happy to hear this had the effect I hoped it would. It was what I wanted and what you needed and we both made out very well. Always your Bear

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