Totally Owned

Odd the things you don’t notice, until you do!

I have an appointment today, so I will be driving … already a ‘strange’ occurrence. I work from home and any time I do go somewhere, generally, Sir drives. He either comes with me or drops me off and picks me up, so I don’t drive much.

The thing I just noticed (remembered) now as I’m getting ready to leave is that I don’t have a house key! Yup, I’d say He controls every aspect of my day.

No worries, we have a spare key for the back door in the cupboard. I’ll have to take that one with me and go out the back instead of using the front door today.

Better go ….. !

8 thoughts on “Totally Owned

  1. Funny the way it is when you think about it…..

    (Double bonus points to those now humming.)

    Where some might see a silly lack of “independence”, I see a gentleman taking good care of the lady he loves.


    1. Well anyone who knows me knows that lack of independence is most certainly not a thing, but it is fun watching them trying to wrap their brains around the apparent contradictions! *chuckle* Maybe I am a bit of a sadist after all ….humm?? LoL

      And yes, He most certainly does take very good care of me, He always has.


    1. LoL Well I don’t hate driving, I actually have always wanted to be a long haul driver! *wink* I love the quiet and solitude, and I have no problem with the open road. Oh well, not very easily done being a mom and having a Bear who wants me home!
      I do enjoy having Him drive me though, and He enjoys taking me …. sounds like you guys do too!


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