Raynaud’s and D/s

A little bit ago I was having a short conversation that led to the inclusion of raynaud’s, which I happen to suffer from. Now the conversation was not at all about anything medical but just like in everyday life for me it was something that is effected because of my raynaud’s. The conversation was about cell phones actually!

Shortly into the conversation it was mentioned that perhaps I should write something on this issue since it is not so widely known. I have yet to do that and put it here because well, I wasn’t doing too bad and so ‘out of sight, out of mind’ as they say.

Well the weather has changed and as always my raynaud’s is in full gear! I had been outside for a short while with work and once I returned my hands (and feet) were more or less frostbitten. I had on the appropriate winter attire and I am always careful but the truth is that I normally have very little control over what and where this will be set off!

This is not a picture of my fingers but they could easily be. They stay like that for a good long time and hurt like a bugger. Once they start to warm up they turn red and swollen, feels lovely! (sarcasm in case that’s not clear)

My hands ache and it travels up and down my arms, and it also affects my feet, ears, nose and cheeks (yes both sets!). Trying to move them either when cold or warmed is very painful.

What does this have to do with D/s you ask? Well after works hours I am to be rid of my panties for the evening unless otherwise told. I couldn’t! I couldn’t undo the button on zipper, I couldn’t get my clothes off, I couldn’t do anything! I couldn’t follow the rule …..

No it wasn’t my fault and no it’s not the end of the world but it does play on your mind and becomes frustrating time after time, to have to acquiesce to this darn disease.

There is much more I can say and explain on this and I think I will, but for today I’ll have to stop here. My hands hurt too much, they are still freezing and I still can hardly move them. It effects most of my interactions daily and it’s only December in the Great White North.

And no, I haven’t been back outside today, it happens when I’m inside too!

Happy Thursday Folks! Stay warm.

6 thoughts on “Raynaud’s and D/s

  1. I have known about Raynaud’s and you for quite awhile now. Something about yesterday and seeing your hands and your description of the hurt and pain of it this time (not that you are a complainer in any way) I really understood how bad it can get. When you mentioned not being able to obey our rule I could see your frustration with this damn disease. I also know this is not your fault and I am here to help nijntje. There are many things I can help you with , I just wish this pain was one I could take away. Love you.

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    1. I know you would do anything to help with that Sir but I’m afraid this one is all on me. That said, you have never made me feel guilty or ‘bad’ about it and you always pick up the slack and help in any way you can. Like getting dinner last night because I just couldn’t use my hands enough to cook. If anything your understanding and empathy in times like these actually makes me more accepting and less hard on myself! I never would have cut myself any slack beforehand …. !


  2. I have (non D/s) friends with Raynauds and see the struggle which is very real.
    I also take rules very seriously and can only imagine the absolute frustration at not being able to follow one due to this disease.
    Good luck

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    1. It is frustrating! Thank you for your comment, it’s nice to know that things like this are understood. It gets to be pretty painful as well unfortunately.

      I am lucky enough to have a Sir that has made me more accepting of the fact that things like this happen but they don’t change who I am or what I’m worth to Him. Basically having Him accept and be okay with it makes me accept and be okay with it. 🙂

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