Family, friends and power exchanges.

There are many things in my life that The Bear has taken control of that are not at all sexy or kinky. There are many things that happen in the everyday that I wouldn’t give a second thought to. These things don’t change just because we are out with family and friends. They are becoming more noticeable though as the Bear gets more comfortable asserting Himself, even in front of others!

Now I have always been the fighter, the one who stands up for things and injustices, even if they are just said in passing or as a joke. I don’t let things slide under the assumption that it wasn’t meant that way, a wrong is a wrong and I need to be sure to at least disagree with it lest it appears that I don’t.

The Bear on the other hand has always been the mingler, He stays away from confrontation if possible and prefers to let things that are not so important slide and deal with them if and when it is necessary. He’s the life of the party, he likes to entertain people. The last thing He would have done was ‘start something’.

Not that anything bad happened or was ‘started’ but just to give you an idea of the personality in general. It’s a lot of the reason why symbols and odd protocols are not really His thing, He has no need to stand out and push things like TPE in people’s face, which I agree with. But anyway …..

So Friday night we went out to celebrate a birthday, we had dinner and a few drinks and generally a good time! I was enjoying being out for a change so The Bear said we could stay! As I’ve said before things around here are pretty hectic, stress levels have been high to say the least and being out for just fun was a nice change indeed. So was having a few drinks …..

Some time late into the evening when there were only a handful of us left and the drinks had already been going down smoothly I was asked if I wanted a refill to which a voice from behind me said “No, no more drinks tonight, you’ve had enough”.


Of course the person asking was still looking at me for an answer so I said, no I can’t have anymore. Someone else says, “who said you can’t have anymore” sort of jokingly to which the Bear replies “I did”.

It wasn’t really a thing and if He had said nothing I would have just changed my wording a bit and the issue would be over but instead He decided to speak up! This is a big change from before and I think He quite liked it!! *wink*

So I guess the conversation went from there something like ….

“I don’t know what’s up with you two and it’s obvious you have a good relationship, you have something going on here even though I’m not sure what. But, if some man told me I couldn’t have a drink I would have two more instead!”

After just a few seconds of reflection ….

“But then again, maybe what I need is a man to tell me no ….. ” hummm

In the mean time The Bear had grabbed me a bottle of water and some ice in a glass, I had another cold refreshing drink with no alcohol and the conversation moved on to other things for a bit more fun.

There were only a handful of us left like I said, we were all sitting around the kitchen island by this point and I know everyone had stopped and was listening. Outside of that one small interaction no one said a word. I’m sure their heads were turning trying to figure this out but I’m also very sure that they all want we have very much.

You don’t need to turn your ‘lifestyle’ into a debate every time you go out in order for people to see it. You also don’t need to take the conversation any further than asked. They know we are up to something by now and they know that it is different but by the time anyone gets around to figuring it all out, if ever, I doubt they will have any issue with it.

We’ve always been different from the rest anyway, we’ve just gone a step further these last few years.

At the rate it’s going, we might just get stuck mentoring! 😛

Happy Sunday!

Love You Always Sir! ❤

8 thoughts on “Family, friends and power exchanges.

  1. The discussion this morning was about leading and salesmanship. The talk being on another topic but the point being how to get people to see the worth of another way.

    You can talk about something until you are blue in the face. A couple of years ago you could have spent a great deal of time trying to sell the room on an epiphany and a day spent reading. Doubt you would have found success. You (in a generic sense) have lived, learned and practiced. Now they still haven’t heard the words but they have seen the change. They left more interested than they would have had a talk occurred several years ago. Good indicator of your success.

    Funny how many of life’s topics follow similar paths.


    1. Yes, it is much easier to get your ideas across when you are talking to someone who already wants to listen, and actually hear what it is you are saying.

      If you have something worth noting it speaks for itself anyway, you don’t need to call yourself any title or run around preaching it. If it’s that good it will be noticed on it’s own merits. No matter what the topic. *chuckle*


      1. Now it’s very funny that you mention that! Did you know that in the original comics Wonder Woman is actually considered to be one of the first published ‘Princess Warrior Submissive’?
        If you go far enough back in the story you will see it. I did a post on it some time last summer I think, well a re-blog of a post that goes into great detail on it! 😉


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