Punishment or Pleasure?

My Opinion.

Punishment is supposed to be punishment, nothing more. It is to reaffirm rules and regulations and to help better the behaviour.

Pleasure is simply that, for pleasure. Even if you play it out as some sort of punishment/scene the fact that you receive pleasure from it negates any punishment ideals and after effects.

Whether your pleasure is conscious or subconscious it still is what it is.

I don’t mix sex of any sort with punishment, it would be nothing but a kinky turn on and  completely non effective to me as a person to make changes in a real sense.

Would I like to? Damn right! I’d be getting exactly what I wanted, and likely misbehaving much more often! Why not? If I could get over the guilt of being bad I’d be just getting rewarded no matter my behaviour.

Sir has no more want to ‘get off’ on punishment than I do, it would be getting us no where fast.

Happy Friday! Rant over ….

4 thoughts on “Punishment or Pleasure?

  1. I can’t agree more! “Funishments” don’t keep you from misbehaving, just encourage it. This was something Sir and I had to discuss when we first starting. He kept wanting to mix the two. I think keeping them seperate helps me to forgive and forget myself for what I did, mixing causes me internal confusion. Afterwards it just doesn’t quite feel right.

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    1. We have never mixed the two, nothing kinky is mixed with real ‘trouble’ but I can certainly understand your feelings and I’m sure it would be much the same way for myself as well.

      Thank you for your comment, bluebird! 😀


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