You are a slave you don’t need to obey anyone — domination submission

As a slave you don’t have to obey anyone, only follow your choice to submit to the one of your choice, to the one that will prove….PROVE… be worthy of your submission. As a slave you have to think where your Master try to take you and if you wish to follow that path. The limits are set by the submissive not the Dom.


No it is not a mistake. You are a slave you don’t have to obey anyone. I am writing this article as a recent comment brought up to my thoughts the danger that mainly women face from those who just try to take advantage of the lifestyle. I am sure there is an older post…

I haven’t much ambition to write today but this is one heck of a good read by Master P, realistic and a good reminder or perhaps eye opener for some! ~ enjoy!

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Now that was easy! And interesting ;)

Feeling a bit frisky lately, a bit rebellious and all female! A chance meeting this past weekend put it all into focus, I’m no longer trying to be submissive, I’m no longer trying or worrying about any of it!

I know the rules and rituals and symbols help many people and I think that’s great but I am no longer focusing on any of that, not that I was much before but I’m not even interested in looking any further. Confused?

The Bear and I went to a concert this past Saturday, it was a good time and nice to be out. We had the kids with us so no focus was put on kink or dynamic or fun new protocols. Nothing, we were simply out to have fun and be ourselves. Brilliant!

There I am, front and center getting a picture before the show. You can see how naturally shy and worried I am. *chuckle* I was out for a good time and to have fun just being me, there really was nothing more on my mind. It has been a long and tedious year and we were more than due for some enjoyment.

There was a very nice gentleman who sat beside me and we hit it off quite well. He was very pleasant and just as chatty as I so we spoke a lot!

Now here is the brilliant part, we talked about the show and we talked about life a bit and then the topic turned to talking about me. I wasn’t the one talking about me, he was. He was basically telling me what he thought I guess.

“Are you always this much … ? You are quite the firecracker!”


“You must be something else, I bet you’re a lot of work.”


“You’re not easily impressed are you, man you make them work for it!”


“Are you allowed to flirt like this? Doesn’t your boyfriend get upset? I don’t want to get punched in the face … ”

Now this kind of threw me for a moment, I wasn’t flirting I was just being myself. I like to talk and engage with people I choose to talk to. I tend to be very happy-go-lucky and I tend to be very animated in my conversations as well.

“Well, it’s my husband actually and no, I can speak to whomever I want. As long as you don’t touch you’re safe.” 😉

The conversation went back and forth like this off and on most of the night. We talked about the music, the group and every so often he would mention me again. He did eventually start talking to the Bear as well, it was just more difficult because he was sitting on the other side of me. Anyhow …

At one point he says to me out of the blue “You’re a lot of work, but I bet you’re worth it.”

“Thank you.”

“But you’re submissive, that’s nice ….. ”

I’m like … what?!?!? Did he just say what I think he just said? And then it hit me, I don’t need to read or find new ways of engaging the Bear in a ‘submissive’ way. All I need to do is be myself, because when it comes right down to it I already have all the answers, I just need to stop trying and just be me!

I had simply relaxed into being myself all day and evening and looking back now I can see how The Bear did more and more ‘dominant’ things, naturally. He wasn’t thinking either He was just reacting to me being me with Him, and it worked beautifully!

I don’t need to worry about how to act with Him, I need to STOP worrying and just be me!

So I’m putting ‘being His submissive’ out of my mind now and I’m simply going to be His girl, and I’m going to have fun using all of my feminine wiles doing it! *wink* Those are the moments He wants to claim me most anyway! *giggle*

Love You Always Bear! ❤



Pet Peeve about *my* D/s

For the most part things go along here without much thought or issue. As I’ve said before we didn’t get into this for a relationship rescue or to get closer, we already had all of that. What we were looking for was better and more exciting sex.

One of the things about this dynamic is all of the symbolic accessories that get used once things become ‘official’ for the couple. Here in lies the ‘rub’ for me!

I don’t stick to one style of dressing, I have many depending on my mood. There are many aspects to my personality so why would I stick to just one style? Not too long before we started this D/s journey I had already reached a stage in my life where the boys were old enough, I was finally getting a bit more sleep and frankly I had put in my time, it was right now to start paying a bit more attention to me. I started looking through my wardrobe, getting rid of the things I no longer wanted (the frumpy ‘mom’ outfit) and started bringing back my own style.

Things I was wearing were once again form-fitting, and in almost every style you can think of. Cowgirl, jeans and a tank, pretty sundress, kick @ss LBD with eye-catching heals, rocker chick and this:

So guess what I’m not allowed to wear now because someone might actually guess what we’re up to …. If we happen to go to a concert or something then I can push the envelope a bit but other wise a heavy collar and cuffs are out of the question!

D/s is cramping my style! That is my pet peeve.

Rules and expectations

1f03b983016b3f76575f287592fc4142This is a topic I have tried to touch on a few times but I don’t think I ever quite got the words right. I’m not sure I quite had all the information I needed either, but time tends to help in the respect doesn’t it?

This post isn’t meant as a jab on anyone or their lifestyle choices it’s just a reflection on mine.

I have said many times in the past that I/We don’t really have many rules spelled out that I needed to learn or practice in order to become a ‘better submissive’. Almost all our rules are either kink or sex based not behaviour or manners. Behaviour for me is not a submissive quality per say, it’s simply a personal choice and although they do show a good amount of respect to my dominant the truth is that for me they are about self-respect. I wasn’t ‘submissive’ when I started and I don’t need to be submissive to continue with them.

I suppose if any of the normal things would start to slip then Sir would begin to implement them as rules, especially now that He knows the difference and that He knows how much we both want this life.

We had dinner here for thanksgiving not long ago and it started an interesting discussion on manners and the state of things in this day and age. This got me thinking that some of the things I take as a given are not at all the usual way of doing things now a days. The need and reasons for all these rules started to make more sense.

I guess in this light you could say that I have plenty of rules of conduct, they just happen to be self-imposed long before TPE was a thing on the radar.

Everything from cell phone use, to please and thank you, not interrupting when someone is speaking, listening attentively, and never leaving someone to eat alone at the dinner table.

What rules have you added that might be new to your life?

Are you finding them difficult to adjust to?

Are you more like me and have added ‘fun’ rules more so than any other?



Hanging around

Have you ever done something where you really did surprise yourself?

I admit at first I was a bit worried, we haven’t played quite like this is some time and physically I have had some challenges to overcome. I don’t mean standing, I mean suspended and holding myself up with mostly just my own upper body strength.

Honestly I can’t tell what sticks with me more this time, the play or the fact that I can still do it! *chuckle* Sorry Sir, no offense, the play time was fantastic and a wonderful surprise but things have been pretty difficult lately and this really is one heck of a boost to my ego! 😀

Perhaps we should practice? You know, do it again to be sure it wasn’t a fluke? *wink wink*

Seriously though, it has been a very long time since we have been able to really play due to circumstances beyond our control, now that I got a taste of it I find myself craving more ….. here’s hoping that the stars align again but much more quickly this time!

Happy Tuesday All!

Love You Always Sir! ❤